Anyone else out there ready to play holiday songs and have your students do Christmas activities all day long? But, like the good teachers we are, we still want some learning opportunities to take place. That’s why some jolly Christmas writing prompts for kids is the perfect start to your Christmas cheer.

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Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids

So, without further ado, I will list some super awesome Christmas writing prompts that your students will be excited to complete! Scrap that writing lesson you had planned and throw in one of these cheerful and fun writing prompts instead! Or better yet, why not incorporate them into your writing centers from now until winter break!

Use Holiday Sentence Starters

A set of 30 adorable holiday-themed sentence starter cards are the perfect addition to your quick write or warm-up time in your classroom.

Holiday sentence starter cards

Use Holiday Finger Puppets

How cute are these holiday finger puppets with a range of characters including:

  • Christmas tree finger puppet
  • Snowman finger puppet
  • Elf finger puppet
  • Santa finger puppet
  • Gingerbread man finger puppet
  • Reindeer finger puppet
  • and more…

Christmas finger puppets for kids

Writing prompt ideas using the holiday finger puppets:

  • Encourage students to choose a few of the finger puppets and write a script for a puppet show they can perform for the class.
  • Have students choose their favorite 2–3 finger puppets and write a story using them as characters.
  • Have students complete a character description for their favorite puppet.

Use a Christmas Scene

Why not use this winter Christmas image to spark some great imaginative writing.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have your students write a script for the conversation Santa and the elf might be having.
  • Have your students practice their descriptive language by writing sentences about the scene.
  • Have your students write a narrative text explaining who is in the sleigh outside the window if Santa is inside.
  • Have your students write about the events leading up to the scene in the picture.

Christmas writing prompt for kids

Roll to Create a Holiday Story

A fun, hands-on Roll to Create a Holiday Story writing activity using a die and a chart to get their story elements.

How to use this resource:

  1. Students roll a die and identify the corresponding story element on the chart.
  2. Each story element is recorded at the bottom of the sheet.
  3. Once students have “rolled” the characters, setting, and problem for their story they can begin to write their narrative.

Why not print out one of our fun holiday-inspired lined writing pages for your students to write their story on!

Write a Letter to Santa

The good old ‘write a letter to Santa’ is always a fun activity. It is even more fun when using our Letter to Santa Template. And don’t forget to utilize the US Post Office and send the letters to the North Pole.

For more information visit the United States Post Office Holiday website. They request that you write a personalized response to your students’ letters and sign it from Santa. Then insert both letters into an envelop and address it to the child — so Santa knows where to send his replies…

Letter to Santa Template

Utilize Your Elf on the Shelf

A few years back we wrote about how teachers could use the Elf On a Shelf in the classroom environment. Why not use this to your advantage and get the cheeky elf to write a message on the whiteboard that requires the children to write a letter back?

For more hints and tips, head to our blog – Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the Classroom.

Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom

Random Holiday Word Selector

We couldn’t help but feature our brand new widget for the classroom. The amazing new Spin Wheel has soooo many possibilities in the classroom. Just like popping in a few holiday words, spinning the wheel, and getting your students to write as much as they can in five minutes about that word.


Holiday Postcards

Why not download and print our Holiday Postcards and get your students to write a postcard from the North Pole? They will need to learn about the Earth’s northernmost point, such as climate, animal life, and landscape, to make sure their postcard is as realistic as possible.

These postcards also make a quick and easy alternative to Christmas cards.

Christmas postcard template for kids

More Holiday Writing Resources

Here are some other printable resources that can get you started with all of the creative writing opportunities! But, you better get cracking – you are running out of time!

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