Ok, teachers! Although we are all about setting the best example for our students, there are some little secrets that we know many teachers hold close to their hearts without telling a soul! But, let’s have a little bit of fun and expose some of those little secrets of a teacher.

10 Teacher Secrets We Do But Don’t Admit It

Teacher Secret #1 – Sometimes marking mysteriously disappears

Do you know that pile of homework that mysteriously disappears? Yep… same here!

Teacher Secret #2 – Sneaky treats

We have a secret stash of treats as ’emergency’ supplies. Sometimes we might even eat on the job!

Teacher Secret #3 – And the Oscar goes to…

We may fake being totally interested in a child’s story about their weekend, that goes on and on.

Teacher Secret #4 – We sometimes need some quiet time

Dead Fish or Sleeping Lions is often used when we need a 3-minute breather from the whole class, and that’s the only reason!

Who can be the quietest for the longest??

Teacher Secret #5 – We make mistakes.. but cover them up!

We make mistakes. And then say – ‘I was just making sure you were listening!’

Teacher Secret #6 – We have favourites…

Come on teachers… it’s true!

Teacher Secret #7 – Sending ‘that’ child on a job

Ok, we adore all the kids in our class. But, sometimes ‘that’ particular child needs a break from the classroom environment. One of our teachers in the office Emma would often send a child who needs a break from the classroom to a fellow teacher’s classroom and have the student ask for a long ‘weight’.

Teacher Secret #8 – A wet paper towel has special powers

A wet paper towel fixes everything! Got a cut.. use some wet paper towel! Hurt your knee….use some wet paper towel. Mosquito bite… use some wet paper towel.

Teacher Secret #9 – We claim to be no Picasso

Before drawing on the whiteboard we make sure to say – ‘Now, I’m not very good at drawing but I’m going to try my best…’

 Teacher Secret #10 – We sometimes hide…

Sometimes in non-contact time or before and after school, we turn the lights off, close the doors and sit at a table where we can’t be seen so no one interrupts us while planning!

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Teachers – it’s confession time!
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