Looking for a new angle when it comes to teaching students how to identify simple angles and how to calculate and identify different configurations of angles?

We’ve been having a little too much fun here at the Teach Starter offices, digging deep into the ways we can make math class extra engaging. Here are some fun, yet worthwhile, activities and teaching resources you could use in the classroom to improve your students’ understanding of angles.

We love this silly comic that you could begin lessons with as a great discussion point. Poor obtuse angle. Everyone is always picking on him!

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Looking for Angles in Letters

Have students use a ruler to create the letter of their first name. Then, with the ruler, draw random lines within their letter and color as they wish. What does this have to do with angles? Simple! Students then need to find as many angles as they can and measure each angle! Easy, fun, and the results are pretty too. Angle Craft Idea

Measure Angles in Pictures

Finding angles is a lot more fun on a cute picture of a dog, don’t you think? Print the dog picture, hand out protractor (or print a protractor template), and let the angle finding begin!

This could be done individually, or you can print it onto a tabloid-size piece of paper and provide small groups with a copy. Each student in the group could be allocated a particular angle to find, or the sheet could be passed around for each student to find one angle at a time! When they’ve worked their way through the entire dog, challenge your students to measure the angles on a birthday cake or a pencil.

Angles in Pictures

Angles Bingo

Is there ever a time when kids don’t like Bingo? We haven’t found one! Our students love yelling BINGO at the top of their lungs, and who can blame them (there are times we’d love to get loud in the classroom ourselves)?

Check out our Angles Bingo for a classroom game that will help them learn the differences between obtuse, right, and acute angles, and then some!

Angles Bingo

Washi Tape Fun!

Students use Washi Tape and stick bits of it all over a piece of cardstock.

They then need to find and measure all of the angles! This could also be done on students’ desks, using a whiteboard marker and of course their trusty protractors!

Angle Activity in the Classroom

Angles in My Name

Using our grid paper template, instruct your students to use a ruler to write their name in pencil on the grid paper, without any curved edges. Students trace over their name with a pen, then find each of the angles in their name. If their first name is short, they may wish to include their last name as well.

As an extension activity, students could find reflex and straight angles.

Angles in my Name

I have, Who Has? Angles Game

Use this whole-class game to reinforce students’ understanding of complementary and supplementary angles.

Print and cut out the game cards, and provide each student with a card.

The student that has the sentence ‘I am the starter’ begins the game by standing up and reading their card.

Once they have read their clue, the student that has the matching complementary or supplementary angle on their card stands up and reads what is on their card.

The game continues until the last person reads out ‘Finished’.

I have, Who Has? Angles

Make an Angles Display

Angles can be pretty tricky when you are trying to learn all the different types and terms. Having a classroom display to help your students remember the different terms and angles is a must! We have a range of posters that are perfect to display in your classroom.

Angles Display

Here are some of our fantastic angle posters available to download today!

Angle Clappers

Angles and all their different names can be confusing, but these Angle Clappers with a Hollywood feel make angles fun.

These Angle Clappers take a bit of construction time, but they’re well worth it when they are done. Use these angle clappers to interactively show the different angles and their properties.

Angle Clapper Display

Door Angles

Use Washi Tape and measure out the different angles the classroom door can show! A great visual and fun activity the whole class can benefit from! For ideas on how to make it work, check out this photo from Math in the Middle.

Door Angles

Via: http://middleschoolmathman.blogspot.com.au/

Teaching PowerPoints

Teaching with Power Points is perfect whether you’ve got a classroom full of students or you’ve got kids learning from home. Some of our favorites for this portion of the math curriculum include Identifying Angles PowerPoint and Working with Angles PowerPoint.

What are your favorite angles lessons? Tell us below!

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