So no one told you that teaching was gonna be this way…

But, if there is anyone that totally understands what teaching is like – it’s your fellow teaching besties. With that, we thought – what better tv series to link all of the reasons our teaching buddies are the best than the much-adored 90s hit show – Friends!

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The FRIENDS Cast + Teaching Besties Unite

(1) They’ll Be There for You

They’ll show up with the ice cream when you’ve had a shocker of a day… and they’ll say “Their, There, They’re”.

(2) Grammar Nuts Reunite

If there is anyone else in the world that gets caught up with the grammar in memes, Facebook posts (or anything else that an adult who should know better has written), it’s your teaching besties!

(3) Your Cake Saver

No matter what happens in the morning session – you know that your teaching buddies will make sure you don’t miss out on a piece of cake in the staffroom.

(4) They’ll Do Anything to Help

At the end of the year, when you need to move classrooms – they’ll be there for you!

(5) There’s Always the Organised One!

We’ve all got that teaching friend who is super organised and you can rely on to help make sure you’ve got all the due dates and curriculum codes in order!

(6) They’ll be Your Cheer Squad

When you share a teaching win – you know that they’ll totally be your cheer squad and raise you up even higher!

(7) They’ll Pump You Up

On those mornings where you’re not really feeling it… or, when you’ve totally got the beginning of term blues or end-of-term tiredness – they’ll always be there to pump you up and get you through.

(8) They Won’t Lie

If they are totally freaking out – you can freak out together and not lie about how you are feeling.

(9) Pivot Buddies

They are there to discuss, work through, and give their opinion on different teaching strategies. They are the best professional development you could hope for as they understand the need to change direction if something isn’t quite working to plan.

(10) They Totally Get It

They know exactly what you want when you send a student on a ‘job’ to their class!

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We’d love to hear how your teaching besties get you through a tough day!

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