Ever wondered what America’s sweetheart and the world’s greatest pop star, Taylor Swift, would be like as a teacher? Anyone? Nope, just us?

Well for what it’s worth, we think Taylor Swift would be the coolest, kindest, most engaging educator. But don’t take our word for it!

Read on to find out why Taylor Swift would be a superstar teacher.

1. She’d have the cutest class pets.

It’s no secret that Tay-Tay is a cat lover! Her pets even get a cheeky mention in her song Gorgeous. Did you know her three cats have full names? They’re Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

2. She’d Totally Nail the Easter Bunny Bop.

Her choreographed class routine would steal the show at the Easter parade. Forget the bonnet competition, Taylor’s all about the moves (she makes them up as she goes).

3. She’d Bring Her Quirkiest Self to Every Lesson.

Speaking of dance moves, teacher Taylor would always be ready for an active brain-break with KidzBop or GoNoodle! Taylor’s an individual and would teach her kids to be 100% authentic.

She’d probably even let the students move the furniture so they could dance.

4. She’d get her reports in early.

Taylor’s an amazing lyricist, so she’d smash writing those report cards! Imagine the creativity in the General Comments section!

Given the story-like structure of her songs, we think she’d also teach narrative writing like a boss.

5. She’d be great at mediating student disputes.

Taylor’s a natural peacemaker and she’s experienced some super awkward interactions herself (including this attention-seeking stunt from Kanye in 2009), which she’s managed with grace. So she’d be excellent at supporting students through conflict and working with them on mindful communication.

 6. She’d be supportive on the sidelines.

Cross country, athletics, swimming events… Taylor has the enthusiasm of a cheerleader and the voice of… well, a sellout stadium-tour international pop star. She’d be the loudest teacher that school had ever seen!

7. She’d feign enthusiasm about student interests, even when she wasn’t feeling it.

She’d listen politely to her Fortnite-obsessed students try to tell her all about their latest kills/skins/V-Bucks/inventory/Victory Royales.

8. She’d have an amazing teacher posse!

Taylor’s a woman who prioritises her closest friends. A decade ago, Taylor’s star-studded “squad” became publicly known; and she’s still super close with them (although she’s a lot more private about her connections, now). Not only would Taylor have a great group of teacher besties, with her big, outgoing personality, she’d probably lead the staff social committee, too.

9. She’d tune out occasionally in meetings.

…Look, we’ve all done it. Some days, a little escapism is all that gets us through. Taylor’s a creative soul and her imagination would be vivid. PD: it’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

10. Her teacher style would catch on.

Follow trends? No way! Taylor would lead the next #30dayteacherstylechallenge on Instagram, and we’d all be there to follow! She’ll never go out of style.

So Taylor: if you’re ever considering a career pivot, the teacher squad is here ready and waiting – we want you on our team!

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