Celebrate Black History Month in your classroom this February with these engaging and meaningful Black History Month activities for kids. This wide range of activities includes:

  • suggested children’s books to share
  • biographies of famous Black Americans
  • templates to help create a biography
  • diversity vocabulary flip book activity
  • diversity heart craft activity
  • ‘Everyone Belongs’ craft activity
  • read alongs and teaching PowerPoints about Black history.

These resources and lesson ideas have been developed and created by teachers for teachers – so you know they are just what you are looking for!

Black History Month activities for kids

Children’s Books for Black History Month

Before we outline some of the amazing printable resources we have ready to use in the classroom, we wanted to share some fantastic children’s literature. These powerful books are perfect to use in the classroom to celebrate Black authors and Black stories.

Children's books to read during Black History Month

  • I Am Enough by Grace Byers – This beautiful story from Grace Byers is all about loving who you are, respecting others, and being kind to each other.
  • Skin Like Mine by Latashia M. Perry – Latashia gives us a heartfelt story about appreciating everyone regardless of their skin color. This is a lighthearted way of breaking down the barrier when talking about different skin tones and loving the body you were given!
  • Teammates by Peter Golenbock – Peter Golenbock brings us the moving story about Jackie Robinson and part of his journey on becoming the first Black Major League baseball player.
  • The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson – Jacqueline tells us a story of two young girls – one black and one white – who, despite the barrier of a fence and the ‘grown-ups’, manage to develop a strong friendship.

All About Black History Month Resources

We have some fantastic teaching resources that will help explain the history and importance of Black History Month to students of all ages.

How to teach kids about black history month

Biographies for Kids

Learning about the amazing contributions Black Americans have made in our society is a fantastic way to celebrate Black History Month with your students. Here are some great biographies written for kids to help you explore this topic.

Each of these profiles includes a set of comprehension questions for your students to complete at the end. We have even created a set of Google slides for each one – making them perfect for remote learning!

We didn’t want to leave our primary students out, so we have created some teaching PowerPoints covering influential Black Americans. They make the perfect shared-reading activity for your students! Each one includes a set of possible questions for you to ask on each slide and an activity for your students to complete at the end.

Biography Templates

Reading and writing biographies is an essential skill for students. Use one of our templates to encourage your students to conduct research and complete a biography about a famous Black American. They could then give their class a talk about their chosen person!

Everyone Belongs Flip Book

Use the Everyone Belongs Vocabulary Flip Book template with your students to discuss vocabulary associated with diversity and equality.

This works nicely during Black History Month and is something your students can refer back to throughout the year. The vocabulary explored includes compassion, inclusiveness, respect, empathy, care, diversity, culture, belonging, unity, and equality.

Black History Month Activity for Kids

Black History Month Craft Activities

Some students learn and express themselves better artistically. Having a craft activity to incorporate into your Black History Month activities is a fantastic way to reflect on learning with your students. You also have the added bonus of creating a meaningful display in the classroom!

Alternatively, those students doing remote learning can hang up their finished art in their home and discuss the meaning behind these crafts with their families.

Diversity Heart Activity

Art teacher Cassie Stephens (@cassie_stephenz) shared this heartwarming diversity activity back in June 2020. She wanted to help her students see that all skin types are worthy of kindness, acceptance, empathy, and love.

Show your students the video in this blog for the steps of this craft activity – Creating an Inclusive Classroom | Diversity Heart Art Activity.

Everyone Belongs Hand Activity (FREE Download)

Use our Diversity Craft Templates to create a visual representation of your class and for students to write down their hopes and dreams for the world.

Black History Month craft activity for kids

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