Some get-to-know-you games can be a bit… repetitive. We know this! There’s only so many times you can hear how many siblings a student has, or what their favourite animal is! Here at Teach Starter, we strive to create fun, engaging games to help your kids bond and collaborate at the start of every school year. We’ve put pen to paper and come with a get to know you game with a twist!

The Most Hilarious Get-To-Know-You Game Ever

Introducing the Never Have I Ever… Getting-to-know-you Game. This child-friendly game will have your students confessing all their deepest secrets and makes the perfect ice-breaker at the start of the term!

The premise of the get-to-know-you game is simple; your students read the statements on the worksheet, then tick off a list of things that they have never, ever done. When they’ve finished, the person who has ticked off the least number of things is the winner! This means they have done the most number of things!

Never Have I Ever Classroom Get-to-know-you game

There are three hilarious pages of questions, so your students can play this game multiple times!

Play this game in small groups, or as a whole class. You can even extend the game by asking students to go and find a friend who has ticked off the same number as them!

Play this get-to-know you game 3 ways!

Another great way to extend this game is to ask students to find a classmate who has done something that they haven’t. Then, ask them to interview each other to share their experiences!

This icebreaker game is a fantastic way for students to get to know each other better at the start of the year.

Why Not Make It a Digital Get-To-Know-You Game?

To make this game even more exciting, why not make use of our Never Have I Ever… Getting-to-know-you Game (PowerPoint Version).

This PowerPoint can be displayed on your interactive whiteboard and is the perfect way to incorporate a physical brain break into your day!


Everyone starts the game standing up. As you read through each line, your students can sit down when they come across a statement that they have never, ever done. The student who is the last standing is the winner!

We hope you have fun playing this hilarious get-to-know-you game with your new students!

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