If you have been a little stuck with your classroom displays this year… don’t stress! Why not get your students to do them? All about me activities are the perfect getting-to-know-you activity for the start of a school year. They are also super adorable and look amazing as displays in the classroom.  Here’s one of our favourite all about me classroom displays in action…


The COOLEST ‘All About Me’ Classroom Displays

Want more? We’ve got something for everyone! Most kids love to talk about themselves, so ease back into the school year with one of these user-friendly templates. You’ll end up with a gorgeous classroom display and your students will get to know each other a little bit more – bravo!

(1) All About Me Lantern Template

Students decorate their lanterns with fun colours and fill in their favourite things, family info, a fun fact about themselves and identify two goals they have for the year. Then, they cut out the window and add a photograph of themselves inside the lantern. Alternatively, students can draw a self-portrait on the reverse side of the ‘My Favourites’ section.

Finally, hang the lanterns around the classroom or place them on students’ desks.

(2) All About Me Bunting Template

In this template, students complete their very own piece of bunting. Once each student has completed their flag, hang the bunting around the classroom.

A simple, yet effective classroom decoration that the students have created themselves!

(3) All About Me Concertina Template

A fun activity to use in the early years to encourages students to introduce themselves and to think about numbers. Choose from a range of school fonts and designs to suit the children in your class.

(4) All About Me Puzzle Display

Students each complete a puzzle piece all about them. Then, as a class, you can all create a classroom display using the puzzle pieces, showing how everyone fits together – awww super cute!

(5) All About Me Retro Video Game Display

Students complete their very own piece of the game screen. Once each student has completed their segment, display them together on a pinboard, window or door. This resource was designed in black and white. You may choose to print on coloured paper, or alternatively, have students colour it in themselves.

(6) All About Me Egyptian Pyramid Display

Students complete their very own piece of the Egyptian pyramid. Once each student has completed their segment, display them together to create one larger pyramid!

(7) All About Me Bee Hive Display

Students complete their very own piece of the beehive. Once the students have completed their piece, as a class you can stick them all together to create a whole class beehive.

(8) Getting-to-Know-You T-Shirt

Use this activity at the beginning of the year to have your students get to know each other. Provide each student with a copy of the blank t-shirt and display the example for the class to see. Have the students introduce themselves to the class using their unique t-shirt design! Then hang the t-shirts on some string for a gorgeous first week of school display!

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