Helping your students keep on top of their time can be a fun journey if you have the right tools in your kit! When I was teaching, it came down to having the right resources. Engaging and motivating resources and displays helped me encourage solid planning skills for students in my class – even the ones who couldn’t remember what day it was most of the time!

Levelling Up Planning Skills for Students

Many classroom calendar displays have a few things in common – days of the week, the seasons or local weather, the current calendar month (with dates), and perhaps some special events that are occurring during that month. As students get older and need more help mapping out their longer-term planning, you need something a bit… extra. A classroom planning hack with a bit more wow factor!  A simple 4-week monthly calendar just won’t cut it.

For this reason, we’ve produced a fantastic resource to help your students extend their organisational skills from the start of term to the end, the Classroom Term Wall Planner.


Classroom Term Calendar Display

This engaging classroom display is different from your stock standard classroom calendar! With a 10-week term layout, it’s the ideal design to help your students transition from a traditional calendar layout to a ‘planner’ style spread.

This helps our students visualise the term as weekly blocks, where they can see their learning journey from start to finish. Students will have ownership of their time and their work as they count down to assessment due dates, excursions and the end of term!

Term Wall Planner

Organising your class calendar in a term spread helps kids begin to think of time in a longer ‘linear’ format and move on from chunking it into ‘months’. Not only this, but it helps teachers keep on track too!

Interactive and Editable Classroom Wall Planner

I told you this resource was a great classroom hack, and I meant it!

Once you’ve set up your Classroom Term Wall Planner, you’ll be ready for the rest of the year. With interchangeable headings and dates, your calendar can flow from one term to the next easily.

Term Wall Planner

Simply print the background and heading banners out. Then, print each cut out for the calendar, get your blue tack ready and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to print on thick card to ensure the longevity of your display!

Planning Skills for Kids - Term Planner

You can then use the event tokens and attach them where necessary along the term timeline. Due dates are given well in advance to your students, and they will be able to keep track of weekly things such as sports lessons, library days and assemblies.

These event tokens are completely editable as well! This means you can add in days that are specific to your school or your class.


Plans changing? That’s no problem either! Planning skills for students include knowing that sometimes a planner needs to be flexible! Readjusting the planner is as easy as shifting a token. Your class will see the importance of being flexible when working towards deadlines and will be given a visual reminder of updated dates.

So leave that boring term planner in the staff room and level up your planning skills for students by clicking on the link below:

Classroom Term Wall Planner

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